Dec 06

VU Update

Update on the Velvet Underground acetate – the bidding went up to $155k before the auction closed, but the winner claims a friend hacked his eBay account and he wasn’t settling up. So the collector in Oakland has relisted and the current price is a relative bargain at just a tick over $20k, this time with preapproval required.

Dec 06

Something To Spend Your Poker Winnings On

The Velvet Underground is an important band for me.

Bloggsy points out that the ebay auction for the ultra-rare (as in one copy) VU acetate from 1966 is now up over $110k.

In 2002, the record was purchased at a street sale in New York, with two other records, for 75 cents.

Mar 06

Rest In Peace

Very sad news that Ali Farka Toure has died.