Feb 05

Outpatient Web Surgery

I gave the old web site a minor facelift last night. Added that middle column for a link blog of sorts. I adapted my existed blogging code do that I can just add links (poker or otherwise) and the freshest 10 or so will display. I also tweaked the color scheme slighly, trying to make things more readable. I know the fonts are too small. I try every once in a while to embiggen them, but I can’t bring myself to do it. It just looks too crappy. Sorry.

Jun 04

RSS Feed

I’ve started writing about my trip to Commerce Casino this weekend, but put it aside after a couple of people asked for / suggested an RSS feed for fhwrdh.net.

So I scrapped an earlier half-assed attempt and started over with a bit of object-oriented php:


I successfully tested it in Syndirella, Sharpreader and Bloglines (though the updating is a little squirrelly with Bloglines). If anyone tries it and it fails, please let me know.

Jun 04

Links Links Links

I finally gathered up all the poker links I’ve had scattered about and created a poker links page.