Apr 08

More Photos from Ireland

Bunratty Glass

With Facty’s parents visiting from the States, we toured Blarney, Cobh, Killarney, the Ring of Kerry, Bunratty Castle, Cliffs of Moher, and the Burren. This is detail of a stained glass window in Bunratty.

Blarney Castle

This was our second trip to some of these destinations, including Blarney Castle. I’ve still not been convinced to kiss the stone, which is at the very top of the wall on the left in this picture.

St. Colman's Cathedral, Cobh

Cobh is a beautiful little port town just south of Cork, where many of the Irish immigrants through history boarded ships leaving Ireland for the last time. We happened to visit on the anniversary of the Titanic’s arrival in Cobh (then known as Queenstown), which was its last stop before sinking. This cathedral, St. Colman’s, dominates the skyline.

More photos from the trip are in the flickr set, including these last two, for Iggy.


Red Fox Inn

Bonus! Poker content! We found a very popular poker player in the Ring of Kerry. He was kind enough to pose for a photo with Birdy.

Jan 08


George Stoney

Spent some time yesterday in the cemetery. While facty was off looking for stuff, I took some photos.

This is the headstone of George Johnstone Stoney, best known for inventing the term “electron” in 1894. According to Wikipedia, he was the first to estimate the number of molecules in a cubic millimeter of gas. He has craters on the moon and Mars named for him (as well as a street near the cemetery, Stoney Road) and was a distant relative of Alan Turing.


Mar 07

The Quick Pint

Braved a bit of cold last night and took the kids to Phoenix Park to see the amazing lunar eclipse. The sky was clear and the moon was high over Dublin, making it a perfect night and location for viewing. Astronomy Ireland set up telescopes, binoculars, provided play-by-play, answered questions from the crowd and gave impromptu tours of the entire night sky. I attempted a few pictures, but my little powershot was simply not up to the task. Best off looking at the flickr pool.When we arrived in Ireland, I sent a series of emails back to family updating them on our lives. here is an excerpt:

The people here continue to charm us. We ended up having a family dinner in Scott’s pub one early evening night in Dun Laoghaire (pronounced ‘done leary’). After dinner, we walked across the street to wait for the bus and then realized we didn’t have any coins for the bus fare. I ran back across to the pub to get change and then quickly back — I wasn’t gone more than 30 seconds. As i arrived back, a very old man in a very old suit who had been slowly shuffling towards the bus stop passed us, stopped, mumbled something at me and smiled. I said, “I’m sorry?” and he repeated in his thick Irish accent, “That was a very quick pint!”

I can’t really do justice to the look of the old guy or his perfect comedic timing.

Next weekend is attempt two of our short trip to Venice, Italy. We were scheduled to go three weeks ago, but facty wrenched something in her back on the morning we were leaving. The back is healing, slowly, and the apartment we rented was available, so off we go. Should come back with a full memory card of pics.

Finally, it’s nice to see Iggy back in his home. No offense at all to pokerworks, but it was a bit like seeing a professional athelete spend a season with a different team at the end of his career. The play was the same, but the uniform just didn’t quite look right. Continue reading →