Jun 11


Summation of the Entire Movement

For each of the five years we’ve been in Dublin, we’ve talked about attending one of the Bloomsday activities that happen every June 16, but always found an excuse not to do so. Deciding that this year is our last in Ireland was the kick in the pants we needed to actually do something this year.

Early this morning we headed for Forty Foot at Sandycove and the Martello tower that Joyce used as the backdrop for the opening scenes from Ulysses. 40 of us climbed the tiny spiral stairs to the top of the tower and crammed in to listen to Irish actor Barry McGovern give his annual reading. While some followed along in their own copies of the book – all seemingly tattered, abused, bookmarked – others just closed their eyes and meditated on McGovern’s theatre voice, Joyce’s words, Molly Bloom’s bawdy stream of consciousness and the surprisingly harsh morning sun.

Molly's Soliliquy

Sep 09

Trip Report: Electric Picnic

We packed up the rental car (the Micra being no match for all the gear) and headed to Stradbally last Friday. After 2 hours in traffic, all in the last 15 km, and what seemed like another 5 trudging (and stumbling) through the cow pastures with all the backpacks, picnic baskets, umbrellas, folding chairs, shoes, jackets, and i-dont-know-what-all, we finally found Main Gate 1. Ticket confusion had us staring at another 30 minutes of death march, until facty smooth-talked the staff into letting us through.

The term wigwam is sometimes incorrectly usedBlue

The rented yurt claimed to sleep four and, from the outside, we figured we were going to need that extra tent for our fifth, Aunt Polly. But it turned out to be a cartoon tent, with the inside ten times bigger than the outside. The forecast didn’t look good and the track was already muddy. Confident that the professionally assembled yurt would do better than the Henderson-assembled tent from last year, we dropped the gear, made small talk with our new neighbors, admired the surrounding Tipis and covered wagons and headed out to find some bands, beer and, for the ladies, some wine in a bag.


Two plus days of mud, food, drink, music (good: Dinosaur Jr., Rodrigo Y Gabriela, Orbital, Explosions in the Sky, Fourtet, Madness; not my favorite: Brian Wilson, Halfset), the kids were tired and whining to head home for the comfort of the XBox and refrigerator. Facty was suffering from wellie blisters, and the skies opened. A half-hearted attempt to stick out the final day, and it was back to the yurt to pack up and steel ourselves for the long walk to the rental car.

EnoughBetween Sets

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Feb 09

Pipers in Temple Bar