May 05

Tien Means Angel

I just mentioned Tien in my last post. She is a regular in the infamous home game and is becoming quite the player. A couple of us even offered to buy her into the WSOP ladies tournament, but she declined the offer. Anyway, she makes films and is starting to make her new documentary. Check it out here.

Jan 05


Looky who got himself a blog.

Apr 04


truck.jpg tower.jpg

No poker this weekend as Bloggs and I went on a road trip to pick up his eBay table in Danville. Hit Codys, Moes, Amoeba and had some amazing indian food in Berkeley. Not enough good Interstate 5 photos, though.

There’s been a little talk at work of getting together a few of the poker players and trying our luck at one of the Los Angeles poker rooms. Of course, one needs a bit of bankroll for this. The other guys have actually already started going to Commerce and Hustler casinos. Would be good to go with guys
who’ve been before.