Year End Photo Recap

21 Dec 2008

I’m long overdue to recap some travels and post some pictures. We had a quiet summer until a flurry of activity in late August, when we found ourselves winding through canals, making cheese in lab coats, drinking the best beer in the world while lounging in medieval town squares, waiting for a bus while sitting under a 100 meter tall steel sculpture of an iron crystal, and ending with a muddy weekend tent camping in a field in the middle of Ireland, listening to Touareg refugees, Icelandic Vonlenska, chainsaws, and other old friends, foreign and domestic.

Jelly in the canal


Pub sign


We followed our late summer trip to Amsterdam, Belgium and Electric Picnic with a long weekend of history, art, architecture and Christmas markets in Berlin last month. Last November, we stumbled onto a German Christmas market in Edinburgh and decided to see the real thing this year. Schnitzel and Wurst for the kids, outdoor shopping and museums for the wife, Bauhaus and more great beer for me.

Reichstag Dome

Facty and Jelly in Christmas market

Balloon over Berlin

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Franklin Henderson