Change of Scenery

23 Jan 2008

Following Facty’s successful transition from Blogger, I decided I’d move to WordPress, also. Moving posts and comments was a challenge requiring some custom XML generation, which gave me an excuse chance to play with Ruby for the first time. It will probably take a couple of days for the RSS feed to sort itself out, though I have added a redirect script that should make the transition smooth. Apologies in advance if you see old posts reappearing or other shenanigans with the feed.

This is the first time I’ve run this blog on a platform other than my own. While I’m still getting to know it, I’m happy with the ability to customize WordPress. I’m also happy to let the designers make the templates. No doubt I will tinker with and tweak things, but so far, so good.

Today, while home sick fighting the flu, I managed to finally upload pictures to flickr from our trip to Edinburgh, Scotland. We had a great 3 days exploring the city, tasting the whisky, listening to the pipers, trying on kilts, and hiking in the Highlands. Facty and I are planning our next couple of trips now. We’re going to continue to see as much of Europe as possible while we live in Dublin.

Hell, I even played some poker last week and won $500.

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