WBPT Summer Classic 2

15 Jul 2006

Saturday was the blogger tourney and we ended up sharing a cab from the castle to Caesars with Mr. and Mrs. Columbo. for whatever reason, I think I met and spoke with more new bloggers this trip than the previous two put together. We hit the Caesars poker room and took some seats while Michael Craig, Jay Greenspan, Howard Lederer and Phil Gordon spoke on various topics near and dear to each of them. Howard then made quick work of me in Gordon’s charity roshambo tourney. I think I had a tell that gave away my rock-heavy strategy.

As for the tourney, I sat with, among others, Cincy Sean from Lord Admiral, tekb0t (a colleague from FullTilt), Bobby Bracelet, Facty, Gvegas and Iggy. Sitting with the wife was bound to be trouble and we talked about asking for a table change…

The problem with pocket kings is they have the feel of aces without the strength. Preflop, you never expect kings to find aces, and when your wife flat calls your raise and then comes over the top on a rainbow, baby-card board, you don’t really expect that she flopped a set of fives. Or at least I didn’t. Of course, the turned two outer bails a man out… or something.

Facty had me covered, so I didn’t bust her. That honor went to Iggy a short time later. I then later returned that favor and busted Iggy with some crap hand, taking the coveted thong as a bounty. Thanks again, my man. Just my size, too. I won a second bounty later from Dr. Chako when I bullied his short stack from the small blind with the powerful 95o. His A5 might have looked dominating, but the flopped 9 turned things around. Sorry, Doc. Again, I owe you one. I finished 28th after pushing in with junk short stacked and running into Grubby’s ace. Congrats to Ftrain for the hard fought victory.

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Franklin Henderson