WBPT Summer Classic 1

12 Jul 2006

We had decided not to go to the 2006 WPBT Summer Classic. there were plenty of reasons to skip the event, all stemming from a single, big reason. but more on that later. With 1 week to go, the babysitting, finances, work schedule, etc. all seemed to work themselves out. Facty and I realized that this was the last time we’d get to Vegas for a while; the last time, for a while, we’d celebrate our anniversary and her birthday in our favorite vacation city; the last time, for a while, to see lots of friends we only see a couple times per year; the last time, for a while, to hear Al shout “Aussie! Aussie! Aussie!” and have tables full of bloggers reply, “Oi! Oi! Oi!”

So Facty booked us onto some flights and into the castle. we thanked both sets of grandparents for splitting the babysitting, kissed the kids, and headed for little Bob Hope airport.

First order of business upon arrival was getting Facty registered for her birthday WSOP ladies event on Sunday. We walked the tournament floor at the Rio, me pointing out obscure and not-so-obscure poker pros while she nodded as if she a) cared and b) knew wtf I was talking about. Sadly, this session did not feature a Sentil Kumar sighting.

Later Friday night we stormed the lion. $2-$4 HORSE was once again the game of choice, but 2 tables were full when we arrived so I jumped in a $4-$8 limit holdem game and found myself across from Chilly and the Rooster. We donked it up for a while and I played about even. Eventually, I got called for the HORSE game and remembered that my non-holdem games are rusty. I had no idea when I should draw and when I should fold. I still managed to hold on to chips until hoyazo beat my baby flush with a bigger one in holdem and a new, female blogger (?) sat down and immediately caught a snowman-tater-house to wipe out my nut flush while playing stud. She then racked up and moved to the other HORSE table! Anonymous blogger horse hit-and-run! Sheesh.

I headed to the famous sports book bar and shot the shit while Facty was capping 89s preflop against Chilly. One nice moment: I walk over to see how she’s doing and see she is heads up in a hand with a civilian. The board is something like [K Q 9 J Q] and the two of them are reraising each other over and over. As the fifth and sixth raises go in, I quietly hope that she realizes there is a straight flush possible, and that her full house or quads might not be good. She finally looks at the poor civilian and says, “Do you want to just go all in?” “No.” was the reply. Facty raises one more time and the guy finally just calls and turns over his … pocket nines?!? Facty flips over the KT suited for the straight flush and drags a big pot.

Next time… Irish coffee, kowboy’s revenge and Iggy’s panties…

[Pics from the whole weekend are here.]

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