Shouts Out

20 Jan 2006

Still no time to regularly write or finish the redesign started oh so long ago. but I wanted to mention a couple of exciting recent developments.

First off, Facty won the 16k guarantee on Full Tilt Tuesday night. She played great poker and had 15+ railbirds between the irc bloggers and others. And I don’t mind the comments from multiple parties about who is buying who into what and “aren’t we glad that the right member of the family is the regular at the Friday night blogger game”.

The only reason Facty doesn’t also regularly appear at the Friday night game is the babysitting challenge we face. So this week I’ve offered to switch up and send the poker player in the family to the game while I stay with the little ones. Watch her blog for a report.

Meanwhile, our own Absinthe goes to the LAPC last night and proceeds to work his way through 1100+ pairs of sunglasses and baseball caps to make the final 18 in the first event. It finishes up tonight at 7 and he needs to double up early. Send him some love.

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Franklin Henderson