Back in January, hot on the heels of Otis announcing his paid blogging gig, Hdouble announced that he was taking the leap and joining Full Tilt Poker. Many were jealous and I was no exception. The fact that I was an early (beta tester) fan of Full Tilt and that they were located 7 miles from my current office made that pain all the more intense.

I wrote at the time, “…working in a business one is passionate about is huge. Its been quite a few years since I have done so (sigh). Best of luck, my friend.” After thinking about that more, I realized that since I started working in technology in 1997, I have never worked in a business that I found interesting beyond the technical challenges. In fact, the last time I started a job I was passionate about and felt genuinely lucky to be a part of was in 1994! And then, that was the music business and it didn’t take long for reality to set in. The point is, its been a long time since I’ve had a chance to do something in a business I’ve been excited about.

While my path to an interview at Full Tilt was not as star-studded as Hdouble’s, it was no less serendipitous. I know a guy who knows a guy, and the next thing you know, I am speaking with some very smart folks about the online poker world and sneaking up on Hank to ask if he’ll sign my printed copy of the PokerTracker guide.

My thanks to Hdouble (and Bloggs) for sweating me from the rail as I went through the process. and of course to Facty, my poker widow.

Oh, and I start at the end of the month. :)

  • AlCantHang

    Congrats and good luck!

  • Joe

    Way to go, F. Great work.

    Hearty congrats.

    You might get invited to Jesus’ house. Bring frankincense.

  • Bill Rini

    Congrats! Way to go.

  • facty von factual

    Spa day for all poker widows! (no windows allowed)

    PS: coffee filters, coffeemate, milk, bread and something good for dinner or we’re going out tonight.

    PPS: mmmmmmmmm sushi

  • StudioGlyphic

    Hey, congrats!

    Erm, I just started playing at Full Tilt. I like it. Make sure you get those PokerTracker compatible hand histories set up. I need to figure out what my hourly win rate is.

  • Maudie

    Congratulations – it’s a joy to see members of this great group of intelligent and talented poker bloggers find success… 8^)

  • iggy

    wow, congrats!

  • el bloggo del diablo con bat guano

    you son of a bitch.