False Start

Due to circumstances beyond my control, my little announcement will have to wait for tomorrow. Stay tuned (all three of you).

  • http://www.billrini.com Bill Rini

    Damn! I was waiting all day for the surprise.

  • http://www.fhwrdh.net fhwrdh

    i knew i could count on you, bill.

  • http://www.chrishalverson.com/ Chris Halverson


  • http://www.thisisnotapokerblog.com April


  • http://nickleanddimes.blogspot.com Drizztdj

    Way too cool, congrats!!

  • http://taopoker.blogspot.com Pauly


  • http://www.joaquinochoa.blogspot.com/ joaquin ochoa


    I’m not jealous of you….I hate you! Best of luck on your new job and congrats. I hope you finally have passion once again…it’s important.