Quick Hitters

29 Jul 2005

Facty finished 4th in a $1 mtt on paradise yesterday that started with 988 players! Its her best finish in an online mtt ever. Show her some love.

Joe Speaker quit smoking. show him some love. Since the blogger comment system and I weren’t getting along, I’ll mention it here: Congratulations man. Cold turkey is a brutal way to do it, and not the way we talked about :) - but I wish you the best. Gimme a holler if I can do anything to help get you through the tough patches.

As the father of an 8 year old autistic boy, allow me say that mark downs jr. is a piece of shit. No love for him.

Finally, brini has a big announcement to make today. Show him some love. Personally, I’m looking very forward to whatever that announcement is.

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Franklin Henderson