May Day

01 May 2005

Oh sure, I could apologize again for the lack of updates and make excuse after excuse about the new job, the helping friends and acquaintances with their website needs, the wife out of town for a long weekend leaving me with the kids, etc. But I’m not going to make excuses. the facts are that I simply haven’t been inspired to write about poker lately. My play has, until recently, been limited mostly to the infamous home game and the WSOP qualifiers on Stars put together by Iggy.

And its not that I’m running bad or the bankroll is gone and I just don’t want to write about it. I cashed in my last home game. Before that, i busted out of a home tourney near the bubble, but then sat down at the cash table (with 4 other bloggers, no less) and proceeded to catch cards to the tune of a triple up.

As mentioned, I’ve been taking part in the blogger WSOP qualifiers, the latest of which was last night. Before the last one, I deposited a little extra in Stars with the idea of playing a little low limit cash game there also. Finally, Saturday night, I did. $1/$2. [Puts thumbs in suspenders and rocks back on heels]. Yup, big stakes. But being away from online poker for a month or two and away from Stars for over a year, I wanted to ease back in to things.

Now, i don’t dispute the common knowledge that there are more poor players at Party than anywhere else. But, man, this 6-max $1/$2 table was one of the juiciest tables I’ve experienced at any site, any limit. Truly terrible play. 2nd pair/no kicker and facing a bet and a raise on the turn when the 3rd flush card hits? Time to raise!

This was classic Ed Miller low limit. Most pots were raised preflop and still 3-4 handed on the turn. There were odds to chase even the weakest of draws, and I could hear Miller, “Don’t fold on the river for one bet in a big pot.” I also played much more aggressively postflop, raising with my strong draws and when I thought I could buy outs. And it worked. When I finally sat out I was up 46bb. Whew.

And to make the session complete, I even got called names:

[ fhwrdh wins huge pot with nut flush on the river ]

Dude-about-to-go-bust: fhwrdh, you are a chasing idiot

I didn’t respond. a few hands later, I again call one small bet on the flop with overcards and a flush draw. I hit top pair on the turn and it held up.

Dude-about-to-go-bust: fh, you are a chasing idiot!

fhwrdh: I heard you the first time.

d-a-t-g-b: Ok, wasn’t sure.

And with that he left.

The point is, regardless of results, I played well. I think. Either that or I’m a chasing idiot. Upon reflection, perhaps my little hiatus from online poker was just what I needed to actually let some of the lessons I’ve read and reread and reread finally sink in. That wasn’t my goal with the break, but perhaps a nice side effect.

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Franklin Henderson