Dust Settling

01 Apr 2005

Completely missed Wednesday’s blogger tourney and have generally been off the grid for the last couple of weeks. but not without reasons.

First off, a job change. As noted earlier, I chased Hdouble to the river and ended up (figuratively) next to him at Full Tilt. One week under the belt and all is well.

One side effect of leaving my previous job was giving back the nice laptop I was taking back and forth everyday. It became my primary machine, so giving it back left me without a comfortable machine for a while. I fixed that yesterday with a shiny new desktop machine. 3.0 ghz, 200gb hard drive, blah, blah, blah. Pretty great so far.

Then there is the sickness. I’m pretty sure its the consumption or something, I just cannot shake it. One more stinking Ricola and I’m going to snap.

To top it off, I finally got around to taking my car in to a mechanic to figure out the weird sound coming from the front wheels. Turns out the sound was $934.00. Ugh. I hate cars.

I’ve played hardly any live poker over the last few weeks and exactly 0 hands of online poker in that time. Its the longest layoff I’ve had since i started playing about 2 years ago. Somewhat ironic given the new job.

Off to an lkim home game…

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Franklin Henderson