14 Mar 2005

Not a ton of interesting details around my 30th place finish in the wpbt horse tourney last night on  Full Tilt. It was great fun to play some non-holdem games. I rode the rollercoaster early, vaulting into the top 10 during the first limit holdem level and then careening down to about 60. I caught some cards during the second razz and stud8 rounds and at one point was up into the 10-15 range with about 40 left (if memory serves). I think it was during one of the stud rounds that I was done in on a drawing hand that did not come in. Clearly, I don’t know much about drawing hands in non-flop games.

I did get asked once during the tourney about when I’d be getting my custom avatar at Full Tilt. Fact is, I will not be able to play on the site once I start working there.

All in all, good fun and I’m looking forward to the next tourney.

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Franklin Henderson