I Put A Bad Beat On TP

14 Mar 2005

TP from TP’s Table Talk posted about a hand we played together in last night’s WPBT HORSE tourney:

Unfortunately, most of my memorable hands were bad beats. The first was with 68/2 in Razz. I bet it the whole way down and was called by fhwrdh who at the end was drawing to a 9. Of course, after adding an A to my hand on 4th street, I managed to pair up with each of the last three cards. Sure, when I paired the 2 on fifth street, I can see a loose call, but when I catch an 8 on 6th, I can't fathom a call with a made 10 and a draw to a 9. But who am I to criticize, I lost the hand and a few thousand in chips.

TP’s comment system seems to be on the fritz and I couldn’t find an email address to reply directly, so i thought I’d reply here. Hopefully TP will see this…

TP, you have every right to criticize, as I made a terrible play on that hand. My excuses are: 1) I have no idea how to play razz and had been getting killed to that point; 2) that was, by far, the best hand I’d made during the razz levels and I was being stubborn about giving it up.

Sorry about that. I owe you a SoCo in Vegas in June. :)

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