The Dirty Bubble

17 Feb 2005

Check out thefilmgeek for the glorious details of his victory last night in lkim’s home game. He is clearly on top of his game.

Me? … not so much.

A couple of things in my defense. First, I didn’t get much in the way of cards. Second, the lineup at my first table: Geek to my left. LAG coworker to his left. So much to stealing opportunities. The rest of the table featured lkim himself, new-guy-20/40-in-Vegas-bully, and Tien, who might looks like a petite little lady until she bluff-re-raises you all-in on a raggedy little flop. Yikes.

You’d never know we started with 2000 in chips and the first level was 5/10. the black 100 chips and the white 500 chips were flying early. And with no cards, I had to sit back and watch. I tried limping into a few pots with suited connectors, but couldn’t connect with a flop. At level 3, blinds at 15/30, I finally got kings utg+1. It seemed like every hand had been raised, reraised, and overcalled, so i made a standard-ish raise (100), expecting fireworks. Fold, fold, fold, fold fold! I pick up a measly 45 in blinds. It was that kind of night.

Three tables became two and then one. I limped into the final table as a severe short stack with around 2500. Blinds were 100/200. I continued to tread water while chips flew around me. A couple of other short stacks went out and new-guy-20/40-in-Vegas-bully finally bullied his way into a confrontation with a big hand and was busted, much to his surprise.

We were down to 5 and I was super desperate to get some chips or bust out and get into the newly started cash game. I picked my spots and moved in preflop a few times, But no callers. I threw away 66 after a big raise from one of the big stacks, Brian, which I later regretted. One more player busted and we were down to 4. Bubble time. Thefilmgeek and Brian were dominating and Brian was wielding his big stack with frequent raises. Alicia, a new player, was closer to me in chips, but seemed content to fold her way to the money while I fought for my life. With the blinds at 250/500, I get 45s and push. No one has been calling my all-ins, and I figure if I get called, I’ll have live cards. alicia calls and the Geek goes all-in over the top with KK. She folds and we flip them up. I did pick up a straight draw on the turn, but blank on the river.

I hit the cash game quickly and managed to make a few bucks back before new-guy-20/40-in-Vegas-bully took everyone else’s money. I wasn’t about to get into a no limit heads up cash game with the guy having a 5:1 chip advantage, so we broke the table.

Total for the night: -30 + 8 = -22

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Franklin Henderson