02 Feb 2005

It was an absolute race to make it home in time for the World Poker Blogger Tour on Pokerstars tonight at 6pm Pacific. I logged on with 2 minutes to spare and was pleasantly surprised to see 145+ entrants.

I was moved after the 3rd hand and ended up on BG’s right. He eventually went out when he pushed on the flop with the hammer against a flush draw that filled on the turn.

At the first break there were exactly 100 players left and I was sitting 45th with 2265, exactly the average. I felt I was playing pretty well and had received decent enough cards (AA twice, AQ suited twice). I limped on the button once with 86 of clubs and flopped 3 eights. I stole blinds a couple of times from the button or small blind, but I’d yet to do any real gambling.

Things went downhill after that and I ended up very short (less that t2000) and get moved to a new table with the Poker Prof, Grubette, Drizztdj and others. With the $200 big blind approaching and t1190, I found 33. A player named ‘on_thg’ (update: eventual winner! and from grand haven, perhaps a friend of BG?) raised to t1200, putting me all in and I called. Flop was 555 and I was dead to running 3s.

So I finished 52. Not terrible, not great. Was a good time. Thanks to Iggy for organizing. Looking forward to the next one.

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Franklin Henderson