Why Yes, I Do Have Two Pair...

04 Jan 2005

Filmgeek asked the question and my answer was yes.

It was the post-tourney cash game. I made the obligatory hammer raise and Filmgeek reraised to $2. I call with the idea that I might make one post-flop stab at the pot and then release if he shows strength. Flop is AQ7 rainbow.

I make my (weak) stab on the off chance that he’s playing a pocket pair and the ace might scare him. He raises me again and now I figure I know where I stand - way behind. I think about folding right there, but I did catch a 7. So I call - if I don’t improve on the turn, I’ll give it up.

Turn is a blank. I check, but take my time doing so. He checks back. River is a beautiful 2 and here is where our stories diverge. He claims I bet a dollar, but I think I check-called his $2 bet. Then again, I’d been cleaning lance out of Guinness, so my memory could be a little fuzzy. Anyway, I knew I’d put the beat on him, and couldn’t bear to raise the river.

Oh, and yes, that was the most unconvincing threat ever. What are you, a buck-40? No match for my near Fossilman-esque physique, tough guy. You heard about him fighting off those thieves the other day, right?

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Franklin Henderson