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18 Dec 2004

Well, shit, if I’m going to sit down at a table full of bloggers on Party Poker and chat it up, I better damn will write something so I can pretend I’m a poker blogger.

I knew it’d be a -ev situation to sit with Iggy, Glyphic, Dr. Pauly, Helixx, Sirfwalgman, Slayre, Snailtrax, Maudie, -EV, Pokeramarama, and newcomer/pokerbot, Ankhorahil (I’m sure I missed someone in there), but it was great fun, and I knew I wouldn’t have to sit through tons of non-raked hands while trying to clear 910 hands in 7 days for that stinking 20% December deposit bonus. These folks gamble it up good.

First buy-in went when I slyly snuck my set of jacks into a set of kings. Rebuy! Eventually I bled down with the second buy-in and pushed my last $10 in with 99. A non-blogger called with QJ of spades and hit his flush on the river. Oh well. I jumped on a couple of other tables and made both buy-ins back. Plus I ended up with about 450 raked hands for the day, well on my way to clearing that bonus by Christmas.

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Franklin Henderson