05 Oct 2004

I’ve been playing quite a bit of no limit holdem tournament poker over the last few weeks, both live and online. Online has consisted mostly of low buy-in sit n gos on Full Tilt, Paradise and Pacific. I know, yawn. But I’ve been having good success and (very slowly) building the bankroll.

Live, I’ve been going well, also. Last Wednesday was an lkim home game with 17 players. I was satisfied with 2nd, as the winner knocked out 3rd and 4th on the same hand and came into heads up with a huge chip lead (about 38000 vs. 4000). I played my short stack as best I could, and at one point got up to 8000, but the cards did not break my way and eventually I got caught with a small ace against his sevens. But the 2nd, combined with a little cash game double up after the tourney gave me a nice $75 night.

That partially makes up for the -$100 night a couple weeks ago at the Bicycle Casino $3/$6 insanity. It was only $100 because I stood up instead of rebuying. It was pretty brutal. Second hand, i saw KTs in the small blind and with 4 limpers, I called, also. Flop is king high, bet in front of me and I raise. he calls and check/calls me down. Shows me KJ for the better kicker. So I’m down $21 before the seat is warm.

As is the custom at these limits, raises with quality starters did not get much respect. My AQs raise was called 6 ways. Three useless hearts on the flop and lots of action - time to get out. Of course, 84h flopped the flush to beat the J8 that turned 2 pair. Sigh. I know, I know, they had pot odds. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining. These are the same players that will pay you off to the river with bottom pair or a sucker straight. But one must be in the correct frame of mind to withstand the variance long enough for the cards to come around.

I’ve been focused on no limit tourneys because I’m going to play in my first real, live multitable tournament this weekend. The Chumash Casino is holding a satellite for the WPT’s Five Diamond classic event, which happens at Bellagio in mid-December. 600+ are entered, with 3 getting in to the event and 7 more getting into another satellite in Vegas the day before the tournament. Top 100 cash. Couple of guys from my home game are coming with. Trip report to follow.

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Franklin Henderson