Monty 1, fhwrdh 0

31 Aug 2004

Sunday’s Monty Memorial was definitely not my best moment. I went out quickly, due to some poor cards and one hand I played terribly. I won a couple of (very) small pots early with A9 when ace high was good twice. I raised with a few good starting hands, but missed the flop every time and had to fold to aggression. I was hovering at about t1100 when I called a small raise with A9 (mistake #1). The flop was AQx and I bet out. Other guy called. Turn was a blank, but I was having kicker insecurities and checked (mistake #2). The river was a king and the other guy bet out t500. I called (mistake #3) and was shown pocket kings for the rivered set. Ugh. I went out two hands later, shoving my last t150 in with JT.

Anyway, at least it was a freeroll oh, crap, no it wasn’t. I didn’t register for the first Monty Memorial, so I didn’t get the credit when Pacific monkeyed it. Damn.

Truthfully, I was in no condition to even play. I was at the end of the second weekend in a row of fencebuilding. So I was exhausted and hungry. We planned on heading out for sushi as soon as I was done with the tourney, so I knew the whole time that I had 4 other hungry mouths waiting for me to bust out. Just to polish off the ambiance, I had two quick beers on an empty stomach. So with all that going for me, what did i expect?

Congrats to Iggy for winning. Monty would be proud, I’m sure.

To cushion the blow, the $1/$2 5max tables at Paradise have been profitable lately and I made my buy in back, plus some.

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Franklin Henderson