WSOP Notes

25 Aug 2004

Last night’s WSOP shows on ESPN had a number of great moments worth noting:

  • Fischman, Boyd, Jungblut all going out. Perhaps now ESPN will stop with the ridiculous crew resets;
  • Jungblut with his handwritten "" ad on his Pokerstars shirt. Nothing says high quality fashion like taking your sharpie to a shirt someone else if paying you to wear. I'm sure Pokerstars was happy with that. Btw, nice website. Did you get that done down at the local learning tree Intro to HTML class?
  • Fischman getting schooled multiple times by Doyle Brunson. Did you hear that sound? That was the entire poker world cheering;
  • The Raymer / Matusow incident. The more I see/read about Raymer, the more I like him. Matusow has secured his already solid spot on the root-against team with Hellmouth, the crew and others. I find it strange that a there are so many egomaniacs in a game that is so humbling due to the short-term luck involved.

Just to reiterate what other poker blogs have been saying, Pacific Poker is not good. I emailed them to try to get the password ( you know the one I can’t change to something I can remember? ) for my account that I haven’t used in ages. I received an automated reply that was so poorly worded that it sounded a little like they thought they had solved my problem already:

... i trust that the issue that you brought to our attention has been resolved. if this is not the case, please contact us again and we will address your concern. ...

Errrrr, actually, no, my problem has not been resolved. I replied to this and got the the exact same automated email from them. Sigh. This morning I gave up and just opened and funded a new account. Hopefully, I sent Iggy my new info in time for the Monty Memorial tourney.

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