Damn, Missed The Blogger Tourney!

20 Aug 2004

I have been out of the loop with all the poker bloggers for the last couple of weeks, so I missed the announcement and signup period for Iggy’s Monty Memorial Poker Blogger Tournament on Pacific Poker. Sigh. I railbirded one of the previous tourneys and really wanted in on the next (this) one. I guess next time. In the meantime, I added all the participants’ blogs to my pokerlinks page if I didn’t already have them. Making lists continues to be my main activity in life, it seems. Man, the poker blogging thing is going crazy. Tons of new ones and tons of good ones. I have a lot of catching up to do.

As for playing, I’ve been playing micro-limit on Paradise and Full Tilt (with beta point tourney winnings) lately with some decent results. Full Tilt is still lacking in the player department, so there isn’t much micro-limit action, leaving me with the micro no limit tables. I’m not sure I like these, but the pots are small, so I’m giving them a shot. I also won a $1 stud h/l mtt last week! Silly, because I have played this game only a handful of times.

I’ve been trying my hand at some hold’em mtt on Paradise, but not having much luck. I’m also scheduled for a new home game on Sunday night, so a new report will be forthcoming next week. It will be all poker strangers, so should be interesting.

Away from the tables, I’ve been thinking about, reading about, and watching the game with all the ocd I can muster. I’m on my second pass of  Small Stakes Hold’em. So far I think its tremendous. After this second pass, I’ll post thoughts.

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