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07 Jul 2004

Ten years ago today, Facty and I exchanged vows in front of 150 friends and family in a nice outdoor ceremony at sunset. It was about the most important day in my life, rivaled only by the days our children were born.

Facty and I both know that I’m not the easiest person in the world with which to live. Aside from my general sunny disposition, I have a certain single-mindedness that can consume me, to the exclusion of most (all) else. When I get bitten by something - music, computers, poker, etc - its all over but the expensive parts. She knows what the next batch of books from Amazon will be about. I’m sure she can just see it in my face that “this is the new thing.”

She rides these waves of interest out with great skill and patience. These days, she’s waiting for the poker bug to run its course and leave me so we can talk about things other than what poker show was caught in my Tivo snare or what the latest hoohaa is on RGP or the injustice of how I went out in the last night’s freeroll. (I’m lucky she has been bitten a tiny bit herself on this one.)

Ultimately though, she and the boy and hellcat are the things that matter to me, and I think she knows that. Everything we have has been built together. We are true partners. The whole is greater than the sum of the parts.

I hope everyone is lucky enough to find their true partner as I have found mine.

I love you, Facty. Happy anniversary.

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